New District Brewing Company Online Taproom

The first production brewery in Arlington, Virginia in one hundred years, New District Brewing Co. is a family and friend business devoted to community and high quality craft beer

About Us

Mike Katrivanos, Dan Murray

Brewery Owners

New District Brewing Co. is a family and friend owned business built from the ground up right here in Northern Virginia. The name New District pays homage to Arlington’s history when the county used to be part of the District of Columbia. The logo portrays the Key Bridge over the Potomac river.

After several years of performing sold out shows in rock clubs across the DC area, Mike Katrivanos found himself searching for a new challenge. Utilizing his skills as an electrical engineer, Mike took his love of beer to the next level by building a brewing system in his backyard.

“It was one of the most elaborate contraptions I’d ever seen. He hooked a power converter off his house to run the steam boiler. The boiler pumped steam into this giant kettle where we brewed the wort. Most guys would have just done it on their stove. It was an engineering masterpiece.”

-David Coffey

Mike partnered up with his friend and brewmaster Dan Murray in 2011 and together with the help of friends started brewing beer almost every Saturday at Mike’s house.

In 2013, the group started actively pursuing the prospect of a full-fledged brewery. By mid-2014 a site had been secured and construction began.

Today, New District Brewing Co. is the first distribution brewery in Arlington County since 1916.



2709 S Oakland St, Arlington, VA 22206